Wednesday, August 2, 2017

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How to Add Gadget Widget & Change Placement to your Blogger Blog

Hello buddies as we already discussed in our previous articles what is blogging and how to make blog with easy steps hope you all seen it. So in this article I am going to show you how we going to add tools or widgets or gadgets to your blogger blog with the help of this article. Adding a gadget or widget to our blog is nothing but the customization of our blog with the help of gadgets. So ultimately we going to learn how we can add gadget or widget in step by step manner and how we can change the placement of gadget or widget.

add widget/gadget to your blogger blog

What is gadget or widget or tool?

In general, A gadget is a simply small thing which does something useful in real life, similarly in blogging world the role of the gadget or widget is the same. On your blog a gadget may be called as a widget or page element. This is the small bit of HTML/JavaScript code that does something useful.

How to add/use bloggers add a gadget (widget) Feature

Just go on ( and Log in
Now from the Blogger Dashboard go to the layout tab as shown in below image.

After clicking on layout tab you will able to see the various Add a Gadget icons, so my recommendation is to click on that tab where you want to exactly put that widget or gadget.


Now after clicking on that button one pop up window will appear as shown in below image.


Now select which gadget you want to add from the list or if you have external code of widget or gadget you have to find and click on HTML/JavaScript as shown in below image.


Again Pop up window will appear now paste your widget or gadget code in the free space of that box and click on save button and after that click on save arrangements button as shown in Above image.

How to change the position of widget/gadget

  • You can move any of widget position easily into any place in your blog from layout section from your blogger dashboard.
  • Firstly single click on the gadget which you want to move or to change the location of it, later press the mouse button, keep pressing it and drag the mouse to other that is your favorite position. If you are happy with current position then left the mouse button, click on save arrangements button.

Use of Bloggers widgets or gadgets

Labels: Lets your readers pick a specific category show a list of posts from that category from your blog.

Popular Posts: Shows the maximum viewed posts from your blog.

Pages: It’s kind of similar to Labels and the linked-list widget, this is used to show a list of either Pages from your blog or for external sources, and also be used to make a menu bar for your blog.

Blogroll: It highlights other favorite blogs of yours that you follow
Picture: Shows a random picture of your choice, which can be used to link somewhere as well.

RSS: It displays the last few posts from an RSS feed this can be any feed that you choose.

HTML/JavaScript: Lets you add code that came from a 3rd party, or that you wrote yourself.

Link List: A general-purpose widget for adding a list of web-sites and blog pages, either inside or outside your blog.

Advantages of using Add a Gadget or widget feature

  • Easy to use you can move items around with just drag and drop.
  • Gives access to Blogger's pre-built tools.
  • All gadgets are in your control, where you want to put or place gadgets.
  • You just drag & drop them in to your favourite place.

Final Verdict from Reviewer:
Above procedure is used for adding a gadget or widget to your blogger blog, now if you have widget code then by using add HTML/JavaScript gadget you can add 3rd parties gadgets to your blog. That’s it. If I miss something then feel free to comment below. I will update the article ASAP. Thank you.