Thursday, September 10, 2015

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Best Master Keys That Boosts Your Ad Sense Earning

Howdy bloggers, today we are going to discuss about one of the advance topic that is Google Ad Sense monetizing program which is developed and maintained by Google. So are you making money from your blog? Yes, then which advertise program you are using to monetize your content almost 60% to 70% of bloggers are going to say that they are making money from Google Ad Sense program without any hesitation. So it is clear that when it comes towards monetize your content then best way of monetize content is Google Ad sense. In this era there are lots of webmasters/bloggers are struggling hard to earn some decent money from their web, in this case some of champs are enjoying hundreds of dollars $$ a day from their Ad sense ads. So why are they earning 100 of dollars a day and why you not? What these webmasters different from the other kind is that they are different and their thinking strategy is out of the box. So in this article I am going to share some useful master keys to generate more revenue from your Ad sense ads. From using these tips you can boost up your earning by slowly and slowly but result is for sure.


Factors to be consider to boost your Adsense earning:

  • Take a look on your traffic if the good no of traffic is in your blog then it is positive sign of earning more money from your blog.
  • Target places of placing your ads on your blog/web.

7 proven ways to maximize your Ad-Sense earning:

#1 Use mobile friendly responsive Ads:

Google recently launched responsive ads that can be used to monetize your content. The specialty of these ads is these can be automatically re-size and get position on your devices. These ads are mobile friendly so mobile user can easily see these ads. Use these ads on middle of your post as well as side bar of your web to get better result. Google recently declared that our mobile friendliness is the now sign of our page rank so these ads are very useful for getting more money from it.

#2 Concentrate on one format of Adsense ad:

The one format which is used in majority is the large rectangle (336 x 280) link ads. This form of ad have tendency to result in higher click through rate (CTR). So the reason behind using these ads instead of others ads is these ads will look like normal links and people used to clicking on them, but they even don’t know they are clicking on Adsense ads, so take advantage from them and earn more revenue.

#3 Create Custom palette for your ads by editing them:

In this case make note of your blog or website background color and try to make these backgrounds ads. So these ads looks like natural and seems like your blog's content. And you will getting more clicks from your reader. For example if you are running video site then create ads with black background and black border then it looks like the video in content then the reader automatically click on that ad for play the video and you will get paid.

#4 Use links ads below your post title:

Usually your post title attracts your reader to read that post, so here make the single link ad and put it into below your post title. Here chances of getting ads clicked are maximum because reader looks your title and below ads shows relevant texts to post title. So here also CTR increases.

#5 Don’t put ads on bottom of your blog:

If you are placed your ads on the bottom of your web then remove those and place them into top position. Don’t try to hide your ads. Place them very carefully where people see quickly. Make this change and you will be going too amazed by seeing how the difference can make by changing ads location by seeing your earning.

#6 For webmasters: Try to automate Ad Sense code in the webpages using SSI:

Firstly ask your web administrator if your server supports SSI or not. How you can do it? You just have to save your Adsense code into text file and save that file as an “Adsense Text”, and upload it to root directory of the web server of your web. After this by using SSI, call that code on other pages. This way of putting ads is time saver especially for those who are using automatic page generators. Like bloggers.

#7 Use Google Custom Search Bar:

Generate Google custom search bar according to your blog or web theme. And place it into your sidebar. If reader try to find something and he/she won’t found what they want then he/she tries to search on your custom search bar then the maximum chances of high CTR. You can create your own Google custom search bar by going in Google AdSense dashboard.

Final Verdict from Reviewer:
Above all mentioned ways are genuine way to earn 100 as well 1000’s of dollars from your web/blog. We can earn more money from it because we are placing ads on reader’s favorite locations where readers generally looks for good content in that location. So try these ways to boost your earnings. And also take care of Google ad placing terms condition before placing your ads. According to Google they are allow to show max 1 large board, and two rectangular ad as well 3 links ads on your one page. If you try to show more than this then anytime your account will be going to be blocked/banned without any confirmation. Try this if you have good traffic on your blog and make more money from it. Feel free to comment below if you have any queries or want to share more than this.