Sunday, August 23, 2015

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Ultimate Basic Guide On SEO For Beginners to Rank Higher

Hello bloggers, today we going to learn and going to discuss on one of the advance topic in blogger line and also it will be turning point of your blogging career. Yes it’s true as you are beginner in blogging line you have to understand each and every term involved in blogging inside. So in this article we going to discuss about SEO that is SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION which plays a key role in blogging in short without SEO your site is nothing. In short SEO means, “It is the strategy undertaken by the owner of the blog /website which aims to increases targeted keyword rankings on the first page of Search Engine”.

What is SEO?

It is the process of improving visibility of websites in organic search engine result pages (SERPs) by adding search engine friendly elements in your blog or web. Today I am going to discussing on SEO, If you understand the basics science SEO then it is very easy task to do, if not then it is toughest task ever, and as I said without SEO your web is nothing. As you are beginner, you going to feel SEO is difficult task to do but in actual it won’t. SEO is done by slowly it can't be done in overnight. It takes more time to optimize your blog/web by search engine. It can be done in two ways, On-Page SEO and Off-page SEO Strategy.


Basics of Search Engine Optimization:

So the basically Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be done by two ways to get better ranking in search engine first way is On Page SEO Strategy and Second way is Off Page SEO strategy.

On Page SEO Strategy:

On page SEO is done in your blog or web. For run this strategy you must have user friendly web/blog with easily navigation system. Remember the content is master piece of your blog so always make unique content with appropriate tags, keywords, use of relevant media and internal linking with other posts on your blog.
Some of contents included in this On Page SEO is,

Proper Keyword Research:

Keywords Research is the primary Stage in SEO, in this stage you have to find highly targeted keywords that is highly searched by people in your blog niche. You have to search these types of words and have to apply on your blog posts to optimize your blog post as well increase the quality of your blog post.

Best Title tag Optimization:

Do not use copied material from another web, and make it sure that your post title must be unique in order to give competition to other web, do not use same title which already posted. Make some decent changes in it and create a genuine title.  

Adding Meta Description:

Meta description is nothing but short summary of your post. You have to add Meta description to each and every post to optimize your blog correctly.

Use of Proper Permalinks/Post URL:

Permalinks is nothing but the URL of your post, it must be same as that of your post title to easily recognise by search engine. So concentrate on your permalink before publishing your post because once post is published it can't be change.


Use of Proper Headings tags according to your post content, Give H1 Tag to post titles as well main title, Show the subtitles by using H2 tags and so on use according to your need to easily navigate your content to users as well as search engine.

Use of Alt Tag:

We all are using relevant media to make our blog post beautiful. So must add alt attribute tag in post image for better image optimization.

Internal Links:

Keep internal linking with your blog post to avoid maximum bounce rate of traffic. Internal linking keeps more people engaging ratio in your blog.

Outer Links:

Outer links means you are going to referring others sites to your visitors through your blog. So make the correct combination of internal links as well as outer links. If your internal links are lower than outer links then your lots of traffic is going outside of your blog then the traffic bounce rate automatically increase.

Off Page SEO Strategies:

It can be done in outside of your blog, in this strategy you have to create links on different sites by using various ways, in short you have to leave foot prints of your blog on others blog or highly reputed or highly ranked websites. Some of contents which are included in Off Page SEO Strategy.

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is the platform where you have to write post on highly ranked blogs to promote your blog, if your written article is approved by them then you will get a quality backlink from them and it is useful for us. So make unique article and post as guest blogger.

Blog Commenting:

It is the easiest way to get proper backlinks from highly ranked websites. Just you have to write article relevant comment on their blog in order to your comment get published. If you are doing spam by commenting irregular or irrelevant comment text then your comment won't get published.

Social Bookmarking:

Bookmark your articles and blog to various high ranked social bookmarking sites to get ranked faster, in this case use proper keywords and description of your blog while submitting your site to social bookmarking sites.


Join different forums to get quality backlinks from them. Try to participate in their discussion to know you well as well as your blog.

Government & Education Site:

Participate and submit your articles to education sites to get more traffic as well as increase weightage of your blog by referring us by them.

Final Verdict from Reviewer:

How you can Improve SEO of your Blog?

Doing of SEO of your blog is done by step by step strategy and it won't be going to happen by overnight, I have spent some sleepless night over my blog to get it and learn properly. So some of key points to be remember while making proper SEO of your blog, also follow some basic steps before making your blog. Some of basic intergradient of SEO we have to follow while doing blogging they are as follow.
  • Choose SEO friendly responsive blogger template
  • Creating Unique post titles and use clear title tag
  • Optimization of Description of each post by adding Meta tag
  • Optimize URL of your post
  • Add sitemap of your blog
  • Write unique quality articles
  • Use and add proper attributes to images
  • Use proper headings in your article as requirements
  • Be careful using robot.txt
  • Promote your blog correctly
  • Create Inbound/internal links in your post
  • Submit your Sites to search engines
  • Start creating quality backlinks to relevant niche blog
  • Create fan pages on social media
  • Start Guest blogging
If I missed something or you want to share something related this article please feel free to comment and ask me you are most welcome.