Friday, August 14, 2015

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How To Make/Write New Blog Post in Blogger

Hi bloggers today I am going to show you how to write a new post on bloggers blog. I will explain you each term involved in the blogger post editor. These things going to help you to make your first post easily on bloggers blog. Making post is not tough thing but in beginner stage some of us hardly know the options and their use in post editor so I'm going to guide you to make new blogger post in blogger with details. Also I will explain the post editor dashboard with its functions to grow your knowledge in deep about to make new blog post.

What is Blogger Post?

The blogger post is area where we will going to share our thoughts ,new ideas, inventions, miracles, news like all important information in front the our visitor. We have to write new genuine article to attract more visitors to our blog, our work is to engage the visitors as long as possible to get more traffic. To engage the peoples you have to write unique content in your blogger post.


Things required to make new blogger post

  • If you want to make new blogger post then you must have to create blog if you have one then leave it, if you not then must read how to make free blogger’s blog and create it.
  • You must have an idea about your post, Idea in the sense what you will going to show to your audience/visitors.
  • Must have Images and If possible videos to make your post more delicious and it attracts visitors as well.

So let’s make your first bloggers blog post

At first open & place your Username and Password to login there.
Then you will see like as shown in below image  

How To Make/Write New Blog Post in Blogger

Click on the blog in which you want create a new post.
Now click on New Post as arrow shows in below image.


After Clicking on New Post you will see below image as I shown,

There are three colour boxes Blue, Red and Green, so here in blue box area our written content will be there. Red Box is a Top Bar and Green box is a Side Bar.
In the blue box area we going to write our post content so this is very easy thing. So I am going to explain you about post editor's Top and SideBar. Post editor mainly consist of two bars one is Top bar and other is SideBar.

Let’s take a look on Top Bar


As shown in above image, Its consist of mainly 15 major function
  1. Post Title Area
  2. Compose/HTML Function
  3. Undo/Redo Function
  4. Font Function
  5. Font Size
  6. Content Format
  7. Content Bold Italic Underlined & Strikethrough function
  8. Text & Background colour
  9. Link Content Add Image Add Video Function
  10. Content Alignment
  11. Arrange content by Numbers as well as Bullets
  12. Spell Checker
  13. Language Translator
  14. Content Mover
  15. Publish Save Preview Close Function

Post Title Area: In this Section you have to write your article or posts headline, try to make your headline unique.

Compose/HTML: By clicking on Compose function you will be ready to write your content and as you click on HTML then you will able to write or add some HTML codes to decorate and place Ads in your blog post.

Undo/Redo: While writing a content if you miss something or sometimes you did wrong then Undo redo function is there for you to do previous thing.

Font: Choose Unique Font from here and start writing new article.

Font Size: Adjust user friendly visible to all font size from here.

Format: Depending on your content adjust your content by Headings, Subheadings, Minor Headings and normal to best experience for your visitor.

Content Bold Italic Underline & Strikethrough: Make your content more decorative by using these function.

Text & Background Colour: Make your content more decorative as well as delicious by changing colours of your content. You can change post background as well as text colour.

Link Content add image & add video function: If you want to link your content with your web page to engage users then use Link Function. Next one is about adding Video and Image, it can be done easily by clicking on them then pop up box appears choose file from your pc/laptop and upload it. 
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Content Alignment: Make your written content in proper structure by using this function.
Arrange content by Numbers as well as Bullets: Add Automatic numbers as well as bullets to your written content by using this function.

Spell Checker: Check your written material is grammatically correct or not by using this function.

Language Translator: Translate or write your post in your own language there are variety of languages are available, choose yours and start writing.

Content Mover: Basically we all are writing in left to right manner. But if you want write by right to left then must use this function.

Publish Save Preview Close Function: If you want to publish your written content then click on publish. If you want to only save the post then click on save later we can publish it. If you want to take look on your written post preview then click on it. If you click on close button then post will automatically go in draft section.

Now take look on Sidebar


As shown in above image sidebar contains mainly 6 functions
  1. Labels
  2. Schedule
  3. Permalink
  4. Location
  5. Search Description
  6. Options

Labels: By using this function we categorise our written material/post in proper category in our blog.

Schedule: You can Schedule your post by arranging proper time to it.

Permalink: Here you can check and edit your post html link. It can be done once in a post. If you cannot create it then don’t worry it can be automatically done by itself.

Location: If you want to add specific location from where you are writing that post you can set it manually.

Search Description: Write short summary of your post in this area to better visibility of your post in search engine.

Options: Where you can manage readers comment allow and disallow.

Now it’s your turn Try to make a new post in bloggers blog by using this article. Just simply write your content in blue box area as I already shown to you. Make your post more interesting by using various function from Top Bar, add labels if you required and add post description in the sidebar then publish it.

Note: Blue Green and Red Boxes are only for reference purpose in real time it won't be exist there just follow my guide and start making new posts.

Final Verdict from Reviewer:
By reading this post you will feel more confident about making a post in a blogger blog. Also I explained you in detailed about post editor dashboard. Hope you will understand everything, in hurry if I missed something or somewhere I wrong then feel free to tell me below in comment. Thanks and keep visiting.