Saturday, August 15, 2015

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How to Insert/Add Videos in Blogger Blog Post

Hey bloggers, hope you learn from my previous article that how to add an image in your blogger blog post, so today we all going to discuss about how to add videos in your BlogSpot blog post by various techniques. So basically why we are adding videos to our blog? The answer is to make our post entreating as well informative. If our content in our blog post is unique then by adding the videos beside your content make more beautiful your post and literally the chances of engaging maximum readers in your blog. So videos plays also a key role in determining your blog post more informative. So now let’s talk about how to add these videos in your blog.


Basically you can add videos in your blog post by using 5 ways:


You can directly upload your videos from your desktop/laptop/pc:

By using this function you can add video from your computer to your blog post directly. The video is first uploaded on YouTube then add it automatically in your post.

You can add YouTube videos to your blog post:

Search video which one you wanted to add select your favourite one and add it.

You can add videos from your YouTube channel:

You can add videos from your existing videos list which are already present in the uploaded list.

You can add it from your phone also:

Add videos from your smartphone also.

Final is capture video from your webcam and add it here:

You can live record your videos using your webcam and upload in your blog post.

Video Size Limit, Video Format and resolution of added video:

If you are going to add videos from your desktop then size is limited to 100MB per video and you can keep video resolution as you want. If you want to add video from YouTube then no size limit required. All video formats are supported which can be applicable from

So here I will explain you how to add videos by using first two ways.

#1 Directly upload your videos from your desktop to your blog post

First go to
Login with your Username and Password
Open your blog Click on new post
Now click on film icon to add videos in your blog post as shown in below image


Now pop box going to appear as below image


So now click on upload function
Click on Choose a video to upload
Then again new pop up box appears


You have to choose the video from your hard drive which one you want to upload.
Select it and click on open.
Now click on select function.
If everything is good then you will get following screen of uploading screen as shown in below image.


#2 Add video from YouTube in your blog post

By clicking on film icon you will get screen following screen


Click on from YouTube Videos
Now type the name of the video which is available on the YouTube
Now click on SEARCH icon
The variety of related videos are starts appearing
Select your one
And finally click on select function you’re done.
You can adjust size height as well width of video as your content adjust.

If you are not satisfied with the above method then another method called Embed code, by using this video adding method you can add videos from any sharing site like YouTube and all. Just you have to put embed code in your posts HTML area. We will discuss in details later on this topic.

Final Verdict from Reviewer:

Above explained methods of adding video by using your pc and by YouTube are easy to do. From them by using YouTube is the best way to add videos in your blog. Hope you understood everything. If you have any queries then feel free to ask me by commenting below, thanks and keep visiting.