Sunday, August 16, 2015

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How to Customize blogger blog using Template and Layout

Hey bloggers today I am going to tell you what is the procedure to design or customize your BlogSpot or blogger blog? By using your blogger template as well Layout. So basically when we create our new BlogSpot blog with blogger then it comes with default templates. As I said it comes with default then we have to make some changes in default templates (or also we can change the template) we have to change the template as we want according to our blog criteria. It depends on your creativity that how you can edit and manage things to look your blog more attractive to your blog readers. These basic changes can be made by customizing or changing your blogger template made some changes in layout section of your blogger dashboard. Also to customize your blog you also change your blog default template to third party template which are available in tonnes on the web. Now days you have to make your blog more responsive, user friendly so that anybody can easily navigate your blog. Don't make your blog more complicated. So here your blogger template plays an important role in customizing your blogger template. So in this article I am going to show you how customization can be done in blogger default template.


Basic ways of customizing your blogger blog

You can customize by using templates:

By using this option you can edit and add extra effects on look of your blog so here customization is eagerly needed. In third party templates lots of cases there is no need of template customization, because they are already customized by third parties in that cases little bit minor changes are needed.

Also customization can be done in Layout section:

Layout in a dashboard section also plays a key role in blogger blog. Layout is nothing but structure of your blog where you can plan where and how things are placed. In layout section we have to add Gadgets to add some extra features to our blog extra features in the sense contact form, Social media buttons, Google + Badge, Google ads, Viewers counter like lots of magical things we can add with the help of gadgets in the layout section.

Customize BlogSpot blog using Template:

So first go to blogger dashboard after that click on template as you clicked on it the following screen going to appear as shown in below image.


Now Click on customize orange colour Button as shown in above image.
Now you will see blogger template designer in half screen and in another half of screen you will get your live view of your blog as shown in below image.


As above image shows we are in blogger template designer where we can edit your default blogger template. To make and add extra features in your blogger template blogger has provided 5 main customization features through that we can edit and add extra features into it. And also we have Apply to blog button on top right side of the designer area as shown in above image.

So customizing blogger Default template by using 5 functions

Templates Customize:

By clicking on templates you will see below screen where you can change your blog template by clicking on simple, dynamic views, Picture Window and Awesome etc. these are the templates categories in which you can found more templates select and choose from them. Refer below image for your reference.


Backgrounds Customize:

By using this function you can edit and change the background image of your blog as well you can change theme colour of your blog as shown below in image.


Widths Customize:

From this function you can able to increase or decrease your template width resolution as you want, for reference refer below image.


Layout Customize:

By using this key function you can able to change the structure of your blog that means you can manage and arrange the body layout, sidebar, and column as well footer etc. Refer below image for your reference.


Advanced customization:

By using this advanced function you can make changes in your blog text colour, font size, Link colour in your blog posts as well in whole blog you can modify with your choice. For reference refer below image.


Customize BlogSpot blog using Layout section:

So first go in blogger dashboard then go to layout section by clicking on it. So in this case different blog have different layouts because layouts depends upon the template of that blog. Layout is the total structure of your blog, you can make it more beautiful by adding some more gadgets into it. For reference see below image.


How to add Gadgets in layout section:

By adding gadgets to your blog you going to make your blog more official and genuine.
So first go to dashboard and then click on Layout
Now Click on add a gadget
Now click on plus symbol as shown in below image


Click on save arrangement and take preview of it.

Final Verdict from Reviewer:
I think you enjoyed this post, I hope you have now better idea about customize BlogSpot blog by using template as well layout. In hurry if I missed something or somewhere I wrong then feel free to ask me or tell by commenting below this post, thank you keep visiting.