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Blogger Starter Guide Dashboard Step By Step Introduction

Hey bloggers, I hope you enjoyed a lot my previous article that is how to make a blog with blogger platform, if you are not then read it here. So finally we entered in the blogger, some of us having question marks on his face because they are going to face lots of different things while doing blogging in blogger. So that is not issue while I was started my first blog that time I have also feel same that you all are facing now. So today we are going to discuss about blogger dashboard which is starting point of your blogging career. In this post I will going to explain each and every term in the Blogger dashboard. So first know about..

What is Blogger dashboard?

Each and every work or plan has its own starting and ending points. So Blogger Dashboard is your starting/initial point. Where you will going to manage all your blog's, traffic, written material, design of your blog, your favourite blogs reading list and much more. Seriously this is most interesting thing in your blog.


How to open blogger dashboard?

To open blogger dashboard you must have your own blog if you not have then must have it by clicking here. After successfully creating your blog, you have to go on then put your blogger/Gmail/Google+ Username and password and press enter. Here we go, after successful login you will going to see your all blogs list as shown in below image.


As shown in above image your Google+/Gmail/Blogger profile Name will going to display. At the left most corner you will see option New Blog and the list of all my blogs appeared, in same case you will be going to see yours. So this is an entrance of your blogger. Keep in mind that each individual blog has its own dashboard. So if you clicked on one of them then you will enter in dashboard section of that particular blog. So click on that blog which you want to see dashboard of it. After clicking on particular blog you will be going to see as below image show.


So as shown in above image you are now in real dashboard area where you can manage all things for your blog. So here in this case blogger dashboard contains mainly two Bars that is Menu bar (Green Box in Image) and Top Bar (Red Box in Image).

It is a part of blogger dashboard the red box in the above image. On that bar you will see the pencil if you click on that then you will redirect to create a post area. Second one is Pages in that section you can write fixed pages for your blog. And last one is view blog if you click on that then you will directly redirect to your blog. So as we see top Bar plays an important role in blogger dashboard.

As Shown in image the green box shows the menu bar which is appeared in left side of your dashboard. Menu bar contains many main titles as I listed below.

  1. Overview
  2. Posts
  3. Pages
  5. Google +
  6. Stats
  7. Earnings
  8. Layout
  9. Campaigns
  10. Template
  11. Settings
Above all mentioned titles contains many sub titles which will be discussed below in detail.

#1 Overview-Introduction Blogger Dashboard

Overview in the sense you will see all details of your blog. It opens by default when we clicked on the particular blog. In this overview section you will see your daily pageviews graph. And right to the page view section you will see Updates in that section you will see comment awaiting moderation > Published Comments > Page-views Today > Posts and followers of your blog. So in short Overview contains detailed information of your visitor, visitors comment and so on.


#2 Posts-Introduction Blogger Dashboard

Once you clicked on posts it will automatically redirect to all posts section, Published posts and draft posts. In this section you will get all your published/written post (Click Here If you don’t know how to write a post on blogger), the posts which are in drafts, post labelled into which category, who is the author of that post, no of comments on that post, pageviews of that post, date and time of post published and also additionally you will see Google + shares to that post. Also you will see the options like Delete post, Publish Post, Label and revert to draft on the top of that bar. As shown in below image.


#3 Pages-Introduction Blogger Dashboard

In the pages section you can create your fixed content pages like privacy policy, disclaimer about us and which one you want. And further details information as same as the posts. You can add and delete pages anytime. As shown in below image.


#4 Comment-Introduction Blogger Dashboard

Here in the Comment Title you going to manage visitor message on particular post with date and time. If you feel that the visitor commenting using wrong words then you can delete that message or comment at any time from this section. Also sometimes blogger has automatically categorises your comment and if they feel that the comment is fake or robot made then that comment automatically moves into the spam section. You can also moderate those comment and also give reply to that individual comment. Note: Don’t publish any spam comments. Take look on below image.


#5 Google + Introduction Blogger Dashboard

As we know Google + is a leading social networking site in the world, So This option for those who want to share his/her daily work or blog content with everyone As shown in below image you can select one of the option and start sharing post automatically to grow more visitors/audience in your blog.


#6 Stats-Introduction Blogger Dashboard

Stat is title where all the data regarding your blog's traffic, Post traffic and Overview were collected. Where you can see complete overview of Page views of today, Week. Month and lifetime history were collected in details. Also stats includes list of searched keywords, Traffic sources (country wise). Like all information in details also you will see graph of your visited audience. Refer below image for your reference.


Read if you want to really know current live traffic sources to your blog by installing Google Analytics.

#7 Earnings-Introduction Blogger Dashboard

In this section you will learn and earn how to make money from your blog by using Google AdSense Programme. You can make money by showing relevant ads on your blog but you needed an AdSense account to make money, we will discuss further on this topic. Refer Below Image for get more information.


#8 Campaigns-Introduction Blogger Dashboard

Here you can learn how to catch new and relevant keywords idea, by using these keywords you can make post and drive more traffic. This Technique is Google Adwords You can grow your business by driving more traffic to your blog by using Google Ads we will discuss on this topic further, refer below image for more info.


#9 Layout-Introduction Blogger Dashboard

Layout is nothing but structure of your blog. Where you can manage and place any numbers of widgets, Ads, Forms, Social media, Brand logo and much more. Also you can learn how to add gadget from your layout section. Refer below image.


#10 Template-Introduction Blogger Dashboard

Through this option you can edit/change design of your blog that’s why it plays a key role in determining a website. You Can Choose best responsive template from here. You can use blogger's default as well as third party template to well design your blog. Click on Edit HTML for set up third party template. And click on customize if you want to change in default blogger template.


Learn How to Edit Third Party blogger template

#11 Settings-Introduction Blogger Dashboard

From here you can manage/arrange basic settings of your blog. It contains Basic, Post and Comments, Mobile and Email, Language and formatting, Search preference and other. Select one of them and set up your blog properly. Basic options where you have to put title of your blog, Description of your blog, Privacy, Publishing and Permissions all these details will be going to clarify in the next chapter.


Final Verdict from Reviewer:
By reading above whole article you will definitely and confidently get an idea about blogger dashboard if I missed something feel free to ask me by leaving comment on below this post. Hope now your question mark will be going to disappear. Thanks and keep visiting.