Saturday, August 15, 2015

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Best Way to Add/Upload an Image to BlogSpot Blog Post

Hello all now we all are here to learn how to add an image or picture in our BlogSpot blogger blog. Before we getting starting you must have a blog to make this thing happen, so first make your own blog first then learn to make a new post in blogger blog. Then learn how to add or upload an image to your blog post using this step by step guide. So literally 

why we going to upload an images in our blog? 

The answer is to make our blog more attractive and pictures explains better than the content. We add images to make our blog more appealing and images made content is more attractive your readers will not get bored if you add some deliciousness by adding some cool images/photos/pictures to your blog. Blogger platform has some built in tools for uploading an images photographs to our blog by correct in size as well format too. So let’s get started..


Easy steps to upload images by using BlogSpot blog

First go to
Login using your Username and password.
Now click on your blog.
After that click on New Post. Then the following screen will going to appear in your screen, image shown below.


Now click on the function that shows insert image. Now here you can add images by various ways as I shown in below image.


You can Add Images in blog  by various ways like

You can add it from your computer: 

While uploading the image you have to first click on choose files then browse for that image which you want to upload then open and add it.

You can add it from your blog: 

This function makes your all currently blog photos together select which one you want to add then add it.

You can add it from Picasa Web Album: 

This function brings your all BlogSpot account photos together select your photo and add it.

You can add photos from a URL:

Copy and paste the URL of the image which one you want to upload then select and add it.

We will follow first way by using your computer. 

Now the following pop up appears in front of your screen. As shown in below image.


Click on Choose Files and browse for the photo which one you want to upload select it and open it.

After Doing this work your image will appear in Post content area. As shown in below.


Choose a proper layout and image size for your uploaded image 

from the options as shown above image. Layout determines how your content/text will wrap around the image. You can change it by clicking on None, Left, Centre and Right. Also you can change the size of the image by clicking on Small, Medium and Large which suits to your content.

After successful upload of an image view the preview of your post, after confirming it you can publish it.

Final Verdict from Reviewer:
Hope you will understand that how to add image in blogger blog post by easy simplest way. If you are still suffering any queries regarding this you are welcome to ask here below this article. In case if I missed something then feel free to tell me you are welcome. Thanks and keep visiting.