Monday, August 17, 2015

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Best Beginners Guide to Start Online Blogging in Blogger

Hello buddies, so you want to start blogging? That is cool idea but you don’t how to start it? Where to start it? Also you don’t know about where is the starting point of it? And where is the end point of it? Am I right? Like all questions are appearing in your mind. Instead of it you will getting lots of information about how to start blog on the web which is presently available but the main problem is that everyone is telling you to do different things hope am I right so you all getting confused in it. There are lots of blogging platforms available on the web still you hardly know which are they, someone is saying that word press someone blogger, tumblr and so on.. is the best platform for starting blogging. Whom to listen? OH.. its quiet difficult task but don't worry I will explain here in detail from start to end point of learning.  So you all here for learning something about blogging

So at first let me explain what does mean by learning? 

Learning concept contains Observation, Understanding, Implementation and good or bad experience. In blogging also these factors are most important. So before you starting your blog observe that what famous bloggers are doing right now? Where they started initially? After observation at least understand something from them that how they are working try to grab their strategies. Now it’s your turn implement what you understand by observing them. While implementing you will get some of good experience as well as bad experience that is what the actual learning procedure. 


So here I will guide you step by step way to start your blogging. So let’s come on point maximum bloggers are saying that choose wordpress self-hosted blogging platform as your blogging platform. Yes it’s true that wordpress good blogging platform and lots of bloggers are doing blogging on that platform. But before that just think on at first where they are worked (on which platform they worked) the answer is Blogger (BlogSpot). Blogger is a blogging platform which is created by Google and hosted on Google servers. Now day’s blogger has crossed 500 million active users on their platform. So why and what so many active users are doing their? So don’t think so much and choose blogger platform to start your blogging. It is free platform to blog and hosted on Google servers.

Setting up you for guaranteed success

Before starting please remember that becoming professional blogger is not easiest thing but not impossible thing also and it is not happen overnight but you will get lots of experiences while making your blog. This web is stored with lot of content to get you started on the right direction. However it takes some time but all you have to do is read and take action on it.

Topics which are going to be cleared in this beginner Guide of blogger:

There are 10 steps to get good idea and making your blog. If you follow this guide then less than hour you can able to create blog (only if you have some technical ability, if not then it will take some more time).
  1. Steps must be follow before making your blog
  2. Choose Preferred Blogging platform
  3. Start making a blog using Blogger
  4. Introduction of a blogger dashboard
  5. Set up custom Domain for your blog
  6. Write post on your new blog
  7. Add Images and Videos to Add deliciousness to your blog
  8. Customize the blog using Template and layout
  9. Promote your content post
  10. Monetize your Blog

Steps must be follow before making your blog:

Before making your blog you must have to understand what blogging is? How and where to start it. How we can manage all things in our blog. As you are in initial stage of blogging do not make mistakes by creating multi niche blog like all contents are located in one blog that means if your blog regarding sports and you are making content regarding technology and so on that is bad thing. You should try to work on one fixed topic in which you are perfect. So before making your blog you have full perfect plan regarding to your blog. In the sense in which topic you going to create your blog. How your content should be? For more information regarding this you should must read this article.

Choose Preferred Blogging platform:

So now days there lots of blogging platforms are available on web in which you can start blog. But as you are beginner in this area so my opinion is to start blog with blogger (BlogSpot) platform. Because it’s free to use, user friendly it is hosted on Google servers and over 500 million active users are presently using blogger. Some of famous brand like twitter is hosted on it. So make the different and choose your blogging platform. 

Start making a blog using Blogger:

As I said according to me blogger is the best platform to blog for beginners. So without wasting time in other things let’s start making blog using blogger (BlogSpot). To start blog using blogger you must go to if you have Gmail account then enter username and password same as your Gmail and press enter. Choose name as well as blog URL of blog that you will be going to create for detailed guide regarding this you must read this article.

Introduction of a blogger dashboard:

Blogger dashboard is the beginning stage of your blogging career, where you will going to manage all your blog data resources and more. In dashboard you can make new post, you can view your blogs, in mean time you can able to catch your favourite blogs and you can follow them. For more detailed introduction of your blogger dashboard please refer this article.


Set up custom Domain for your blog:

As you are free user in blogger platform your blog address should be should be look like this. But letter we can transfer it afterword’s by choosing a dynamic domain like .com, .in, .net, .org and more. By researching keywords on net. There are lots of benefits of choosing custom domain, by choosing it you will get pages crawl rate faster, compared to free domain ( Posts indexing rates are faster and appearance in search engine in faster. We will do it letter at first you start with free subdomain ( For detailed more information regarding this you can prefer this guide.

Write post on your new blog:

All things are set up then let’s start making posts to your blog, first sign in to your blogger account, click on your blog, Click on orange pencil to write new post on blogger, after clicking on it you will see post editor page where you have to write new post in your blog. 


Add Images and Videos to Add deliciousness to your blog:

You have to must have to add some images as well videos to your blog to make it beautiful and attractive. You can add it by simply clicking on images as well film icon on post editor of your blog post. Letter you can publish it and share it on Google + to know and reach towards maximum readers among the world. For details 

Customize the blog using Template and layout:

Your template and layout is the best way to customize your blog, in customization you can do changes in fonts template design, background image/colour and structure of your blog. For customization purpose you can get variety of templates in web as well you get default templates for your blog, simply select responsive one which suits your blog. Also you can select third party template for your blog to make your blog more beautiful. For more details regarding customizing blog you 

Promote your content post:

After creating your blog you must have to create tonnes of quality blog posts to attract visitors on your blog after creating that one you have to share these content on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, instagram and more when it will done your maximum of posts are going to with maximum of people so visitor count of your blog increases.

Monetize your Blog:

Hope your all things are going in right direction, so it’s time to monetize your content to make some decent money from your blog. Monetize of content is done by various ways but you must do with Google AdSense services to make more revenue from it. To enter in Google AdSense revenue making programme you must have gone through some approval stages. After getting approval from them you can start monetize your content and start making online money from your blog.

Final Verdict from Reviewer:
According to my opinion Above guide is the best for beginners to make online blog with blogger platform. This is not the end this is the basics of blogging after that you have to get knowledge about SEO, Backlinks strategies to get better Page Rank for you blog just keep in touch with me will come with all articles which are needed to make perfect online blog. If you have queries then feel free to ask me by commenting below post.