Thursday, August 6, 2015

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10 Limitations Can Not Be Crossed On Bloggers Blog

Hey bloggers, today we are going to know some basic limitations in blogger platform which you cannot cross in blogger. As we know Each and every thing has its own limitations so here in blogger blogging platform we have to must follow some limitations. So don’t worry about it because lots of important “limitations” here are not really limiting. But I know you all are wondering now and have question mark on your mind that what are these limitations? So I will give you an idea about the limitations that a single Blogger account will hold. And in case if you all are wondering  then I want to tell you that these limitations are not as serious as we thinking because blogger has provided all features that we require to be a successful blogger, so remove your question mark and go ahead and Make blog with blogger.


Following are the limitations which hold every single blogger account.

#Limitation 1 Total Number of blogs

In this limit each blogger account create and have up to 100 blogs. So guys 100 blogs per account is enough for us.

#Limitation 2 Total Size of each blogger post

So here individual posts do not have specific size limit, but very high/large amount of character posts causes page/post loads slowly. So be in limit and keep posts healthy with sufficient content.

#Limitation 3 Size and no of Pages

In blogger the individual page that is the main page/achieve pages are set to be or limited to be 1 MB in size. The blogger allow us nearly 100 pages of text and if you crossed this limit then you will definitely going to suffer problem while listing these pages on main page of your blog. Also you will suffer and get an error message saying “006 Error Please contact blogger Support” so be in limit and make the page load faster by lowering the pages by below 100.

#Limitation 4 Number and Size of Pictures in blogger

In your default blogger profile you will get up to 1 GB of total storage to store pictures with Picasa web & if you upgraded your default blogger profile to a Google+ profile then you will have 15 GB of storage space which is shared with the Gmail and Google Drive.
Also if you are operating blogger with blogger mobile then you will get limit of image/picture size of 250 KB per image.

#Limitation 5 Total Number of Team Member in each blogger Account

If you want to share your blogs with your friends to contribute their ideas in your blog then you can add up to 100 Members per blogger account. That is these 100 Members can write a content in your blog because they are the contributor/part of your blog.

#Limitation 6 Total Number of labels in each blog as well in each post

Labels are nothing but criteria in which your content/posts are going to be categorised in proper manner. So in Each blog we have limit of 2000 unique labels and 20 Labels per post.

#Limitation 7 Blog Description

Each Blog description characters are limited to 500 with no HTML.

#Limitation 8 about Me Profile

 About me profile contains the whole information of blog’s owner & it will be limited up to 1200 characters.

#Limitation 9 Profile Interests and Favourites

You can add up to 2000 characters in each field.

#Limitation 10 Add Meta Tags

You can add Meta tags in your blog’s main page but you cannot add it in each post of blogger.

Things which you can do unlimited with Blogger

Number of Posts: You will be able to write unlimited posts in each blog.
Number of Comments: You can add and approve unlimited comments on each blog.
Number of Pictures: You can add unlimited pictures in your blog (Not on each post).
Importing blogs: You can import your blog with unlimited times, but number of imports in a day apply.

Final Verdict From reviewer
These limitations are from the official site of blogger, so these are fixed. As I said these limitations aren’t very limiting. You won’t get any problem from these limitations, hope in future blogger will remove all these limitations. If you have any queries then feel free to ask me by leaving the comment below this post. Thank you keep visiting.