Thursday, July 9, 2015

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What is Blogging? and Various Platforms of Blogging to Start New Blog

Hey bloggers Do you really know what is Blogging ? How to make it ? and where the first step to start it? Here I can explain you, now days everyone is familiar with blogging and its interesting facts. But this post is for those who don’t have knowledge about blogging and its platforms. Blogging is the very interesting cool fact, through it you can share your idea in front of others, write unique content in your blog, generate and attract unique traffic (visitors) to your blog and earn decent money from your blog. Now days having a blog is cool thing but to maintain a blog is super thing. Many peoples are having their blog but failed to maintain it due to lack of knowledge of different platforms in knowldge. 
So lets start, so there are many blogging platforms are available in internet some of them are HOSTED and some of them are SELF-HOSTED here I can explain different types of blogging platforms along with some best resources like themes (template), plugins and tutorials depends on that  which is best platform  for you to start your blogging journey. Just take a look on following platforms, and also through blogging you can generate and earn money through your blog, just put ads services on your own blog and start earning money through it.


#1 BlogSpot Blogging Platform is best platform for blogging developed by Google. BlogSpot is simply in setup there is no specific skills required for blogging on BlogSpot. Anyone can star and create blog on BlogSpot with zero of cost. There are billions and millions of people created a blog on BlogSpot even this web also hosted on BlogSpot platform.
You can start here
Some drawbacks
  • It’s not having ability to custom coding.
  • Quiet less opportunities for content monetization

#2 Word Press Blogging Platform

Word press is amazing platform with more cool exciting features. I know recently more and more people starting their blogging journey with Word Press because it is flexible easy to use commonly used platforms. This offers the maximum number of free premium templates, this platforms offers two versions that is SELF-HOSTED and HOSTED.
You can start here –

Some drawbacks
  • It can’t provide custom domain transfer with free of cost like BlogSpot.

#3 Thumblr Blogging Platform

It is also best platform for blogging, it is free and microblogging platform you can easily design and create fully functional blog under this platform. It comes with new and amazing platforms, so just try for it.
You can start here –
Some drawbacks
  • It is microblogging platform.

#4 Weebly Blogging Platform

This is another blogging platform like other ones, this platform also totally free of cost with latest functions in it. It includes fast powerful hosting service with choosing hundreds of themes. It comes with two versions one is free version and other is premium version called Weebly Designer Platform.
You can start here –

#5 Posterous Blogging Platform

Posterous blogging also best platform for blogging, it focus on sharing, publishing and creating more content. Share your ideas inventions to create public space. This platform is best for professional bloggers and travellers. Mobile apps are also available for this platform. But the bad news is that this service is no longer available.

#6 Live Journal Blogging Platform

Live Journal is the HOSTED blogging platform, it is as much famous as other blogging platforms are having but it is interesting. It provides free service to all. It is community driven service with having an idea of sharing and making use of other social media.
You can start here –

#7 Joomla Blogging Platform

This platforms creates any type of websites like business ecommerce as well as social network. It is SELF-HOSTED service with all famous Joomla’s extensions. It is powerful platform in blogging.
You can start here –

#8 Typepad Blogging Platform

Typepad is powerful and business oriented blogging platform with stable, flexible and strong analytics platform. It is not only publishing your content but also it promote your content across its network.
You can start here –
Some drawbacks
  • It is not free, it costs up to approximately $9 to $30.

#9 Penzu Blogging Platform

This is new blogging platform comes with different approaches ideas and much more. Its main feature is you can set privacy of each blogging post. So why you don’t give a try to it.
You can start here –

#10 Drupal Blogging Platform

Drupal is very new SELF-HOSTED blogging platform, which is nearly similar with Joomla blogging platform. It is community based platform. It is having flexibility to run any kind of site through it.
You can start here –

Final Verdict from Reviewer

All above given information about blogging platforms as well as descriptions are my point of view. Some of these blogging platforms are absolutely free and some of them are payable.  According to me BlogSpot and Wordpress both are best and powerful platforms for blogging to start new blog, even this web is hosted on blogger BlogSpot platform. So choose the platform according to your need. Happy blogging and all the best. Keep Visiting.