Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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Basic Steps to Follow Before Making Your Blog

Hello Bloggers as I said earlier blogging is the coolest thing to do and it feels awesome if you have your own blog or web. In this article I’m going to share some basics of blogging you must have to follow before starting your own blog. So are you new person in blogging? If your answer is yes then you must read this article. Honestly I am also beginner and I am still learning, through bloggermaza.com I am going to share my experience about blogging, obviously my experience is small compared to other professional bloggers but my experience is better for the beginners who just started to work in blogging world. So I am going to explain some basics of blogging you must have to remember to be successful in blogging world.


Now in your mind some questions will going to appearing. Like what are the basics of blogging? What are the good way to maintain a blog? How to manage the blog? If yes then listen carefully because earlier steps/stages plays an important role in determining the success or failure of your blog. The primary cause of failure in blogging is they hardly know the basics of blogging. So you must know and follow some basics things before making a blog or website of yours. So let’s start with it.

#Step1 Determine the type of your blog

So again in your mind questions are appearing, like How to determine the type of blog? Ok its simple its nothing but in which area or topic you going to write your articles on your blog. Many of bloggers started their blogs and they were writing on topic, off topic articles that is wrong thing you must have a proper plan or idea about your blog which is going to be created. Because most of search engines like Google, yahoo, ask, msn and other specific topic related blogs to fast crawl. So first you cleared about your blog that what type of your blog. Still confused let me explain some types of blogs.

  • Personal Blog: In this criteria or type of blog, you have to write articles on your life cycle
  • Media Blog: The blog which represents the variety of information like technology, social networking news and all
  • Business Blog: These type of blogs represents marketing buy/sell products promote etc.
  • Niche Blog: Choose your interested area topic and write articles only on that topic only.
  • Advertisement Blog: The blog which contains many links of other webpages.

So take your time and chose a type in which you are perfect and move forward.

#Step2 Determine the Niche (topic) of Blog

The Niche of blog is very important thing in blogging because it declares the success or failure of your blog. Choose a topic of blog in which you have good and deep knowledge of it. That is you are the master in that topic. Suppose if you are less knowledge of your blog niche and some of internet user come over  to your blog and asked something about that topic then you have to must clear his/her concept, if you are not cleared his/her doubt then it will give negative impact on your blog.
So take a good topic rather than multi topic in your blog and keep publishing articles. Because the blog which associated with only one focused topic is loved by visitors as well as search engines it will be helpful to get good traffic and page rank as well. In addition you must use targeted keywords in your blog articles it will be helpful to make good structure of keywords, if you did like this then visitor’s feel free at your blog and going to spend more time in your blog.

#Step3 Quality Of your written articles/content of your blog

Search engines like Google and readers are always like new content to read. So maintain and keep fresh newly content in your blog because content is the king. Keep proper headings, commas, full stops and bold letters whenever needed. If your article is fresh then visitors automatically attracted towards your blog and traffic will automatically increases. Must maintain at least 500 words in your article/post.

Remember- Do not copy other web material, if you do the same then search engines recognises the copied data and it results your blog or website get permanently banned in appearing in search engines. So always maintain good quality of content.

#Step4 Use of SEO friendly Responsive templates/design for your blog

You must choose and use the best SEO friendly responsive, mobile friendly template for your blog. Visitors always like user friendly websites or blog. Do not choose the template which is stylish and complicated. Choose the template which navigates easily. If your template is SEO friendly then visitors will get good piece of information and through them they will come again and again to read latest updated post of yours.

#Step5 Choose Good Title of your blog with proper Description

After reading above steps you have good idea about your blog which is you will be going to create.  Now did the proper keyword research and choose a unique blog title, which is identity of your blog. Search the competitors and see what they doing and start working on your blog different than them.
Use proper dynamic title tags in your article title, use proper Meta tags which gives proper identity of each post. Stop repeating words and keep posting daily as possible.
Final Verdict from Reviewer

Above all mentioned steps you have to must follow before starting your blog. If you want to be successful in blogging. If you have any questions in your mind then feel free to ask me please leave comment below we will get you soon.