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Friday, September 11, 2015

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Best Free Premium Responsive Templates For Blogger Blog

Bloggers today I am going to discuss about design related stuff with you. So here we go I am going to share some of professional bloggers template with you which can be proudly apply on your blog and show the awesomeness to the blog visitors/readers. Here I am going to share with you some of high quality responsive templates/themes for your BlogSpot blog. So we are choosing attractive templates for the good appearance for our blog as well as to maintain and manage good structure of our blog. So there are lacks of templates are available on the net but we have to choose one of them, which is unique. A good templates for our blog matters a lot for gaining traffic as well good SEO for our web, so choose your best templates wisely. Here now I am going to share some of templates with you which can be used in different niche of blogs like sports, technology, entertainment, news as well as for business and more. These templates are hand picked from free resources. You can use it for free with giving proper credits to templates owner. Template is the body of your blog if it is perfect then your blog automatically will be.


How to select template for your blog?

There are lots of factors are effects while choosing the templates for your blog. Between them you have to select best one from them. Your template should be...
  • Mobile friendly
  • SEO Friendly
  • Responsive to all devices
  • Works on all browsers
  • Meta tags friendly
  • Easily customizable
  • Build up with Google Adsense ad  
  • Must matches to Blog Niche

Top Best Responsive Mobile friendly Templates for bloggers Blog:

#1 Fast Mag Responsive Blogger template:

This is user friendly lightweight blogger template adapted from WordPress. It is mainly used for writers, photographers and journalist. Due to lightweight its take few seconds to load this template.

  • 100% responsive so it can be viewed in tablets, mobile phone.
  • Featured Post area to highlight main posts on your home page.
  • SEO optimized.
  • 1 Right Sidebar, Ads Friendly, 3 Column Footer, Multi Drop down Menu.

#2 Social Mag Optimised template:

This is made up of modern UI technology filled futuristic interface. As name indicates it is social media friendly theme. It is mainly used for magazine based site but you can also use for shopping niche blog. You can find more social media sharing options in this theme.

  • 100% responsive seems like theme looks perfect on all type of devices.
  • Highlight special post in home page.
  • Contains Slider which updates automatically as blog updates.
  • SEO Friendly
  • Ads friendly, I right Sidebar, Social Media Buttons.

#3 Techism Theme for Technology Niche Blogs:

As name indicates this template used for technology niche blogs, this template is inspired by mashable. It is new stylist unique theme. This templates helps to rank your blog faster in search engine. By customizing it. You can add extra widgets to your blog.

  • Super Responsive easily accessible from various devices.
  • Featured post Area has been reserved.
  • Ads Ready
  • SEO Optimized also contains mobile drop down menu.
  • Contains 2 Sidebar (left as well Right), Four column Footer.

#4 Real Mag Modern User friendly template:

It is user friendly responsive professional template. It is clean easily navigation fast loading theme. This theme is best for magazine niche blog as well News niche blogs. It is built in eye catching widgets that attracts readers.

  • Responsive automatically resizable theme.
  • Built in feature of automatic update of featured post.
  • Static Home page Feature
  • Dynamic inbuilt Fluid layout
  • Google Ads Friendly, SEO optimized, 4 Column footer, Multi drop down menu and all.

#5 Modern Mag Auto responsive template for blogger:

As name indicates it is modern theme for blogger platform specially designed for news and personal blogs. Actually it suits for all niche of blogs so choose it wisely.

  • Built with responsive framework.
  • Automatic Updating image slider
  • Customizable home page with two important layouts.
  • Dynamic fluid layout
  • It contains 4 column footer, new colour scheme, Ads ready and full width fixed layout and more.

Final Verdict from Reviewer:
All above themes are premium but you can use it for free but there is only one condition please do not edit and remove footer credits link on the template. These templates are made by templateism they are giving us for free. If you purchased the template then only you can remove the footer credits and get lifetime support for HTML issue on that theme. All these templates are only used on BlogSpot blog. Download theme which suits to your blog niche and have blast. If any queries then feel free to ask by dropping comment below. Thank You Keep visiting.
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Thursday, September 10, 2015

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Best Master Keys That Boosts Your Ad Sense Earning

Howdy bloggers, today we are going to discuss about one of the advance topic that is Google Ad Sense monetizing program which is developed and maintained by Google. So are you making money from your blog? Yes, then which advertise program you are using to monetize your content almost 60% to 70% of bloggers are going to say that they are making money from Google Ad Sense program without any hesitation. So it is clear that when it comes towards monetize your content then best way of monetize content is Google Ad sense. In this era there are lots of webmasters/bloggers are struggling hard to earn some decent money from their web, in this case some of champs are enjoying hundreds of dollars $$ a day from their Ad sense ads. So why are they earning 100 of dollars a day and why you not? What these webmasters different from the other kind is that they are different and their thinking strategy is out of the box. So in this article I am going to share some useful master keys to generate more revenue from your Ad sense ads. From using these tips you can boost up your earning by slowly and slowly but result is for sure.


Factors to be consider to boost your Adsense earning:

  • Take a look on your traffic if the good no of traffic is in your blog then it is positive sign of earning more money from your blog.
  • Target places of placing your ads on your blog/web.

7 proven ways to maximize your Ad-Sense earning:

#1 Use mobile friendly responsive Ads:

Google recently launched responsive ads that can be used to monetize your content. The specialty of these ads is these can be automatically re-size and get position on your devices. These ads are mobile friendly so mobile user can easily see these ads. Use these ads on middle of your post as well as side bar of your web to get better result. Google recently declared that our mobile friendliness is the now sign of our page rank so these ads are very useful for getting more money from it.

#2 Concentrate on one format of Adsense ad:

The one format which is used in majority is the large rectangle (336 x 280) link ads. This form of ad have tendency to result in higher click through rate (CTR). So the reason behind using these ads instead of others ads is these ads will look like normal links and people used to clicking on them, but they even don’t know they are clicking on Adsense ads, so take advantage from them and earn more revenue.

#3 Create Custom palette for your ads by editing them:

In this case make note of your blog or website background color and try to make these backgrounds ads. So these ads looks like natural and seems like your blog's content. And you will getting more clicks from your reader. For example if you are running video site then create ads with black background and black border then it looks like the video in content then the reader automatically click on that ad for play the video and you will get paid.

#4 Use links ads below your post title:

Usually your post title attracts your reader to read that post, so here make the single link ad and put it into below your post title. Here chances of getting ads clicked are maximum because reader looks your title and below ads shows relevant texts to post title. So here also CTR increases.

#5 Don’t put ads on bottom of your blog:

If you are placed your ads on the bottom of your web then remove those and place them into top position. Don’t try to hide your ads. Place them very carefully where people see quickly. Make this change and you will be going too amazed by seeing how the difference can make by changing ads location by seeing your earning.

#6 For webmasters: Try to automate Ad Sense code in the webpages using SSI:

Firstly ask your web administrator if your server supports SSI or not. How you can do it? You just have to save your Adsense code into text file and save that file as an “Adsense Text”, and upload it to root directory of the web server of your web. After this by using SSI, call that code on other pages. This way of putting ads is time saver especially for those who are using automatic page generators. Like bloggers.

#7 Use Google Custom Search Bar:

Generate Google custom search bar according to your blog or web theme. And place it into your sidebar. If reader try to find something and he/she won’t found what they want then he/she tries to search on your custom search bar then the maximum chances of high CTR. You can create your own Google custom search bar by going in Google AdSense dashboard.

Final Verdict from Reviewer:
Above all mentioned ways are genuine way to earn 100 as well 1000’s of dollars from your web/blog. We can earn more money from it because we are placing ads on reader’s favorite locations where readers generally looks for good content in that location. So try these ways to boost your earnings. And also take care of Google ad placing terms condition before placing your ads. According to Google they are allow to show max 1 large board, and two rectangular ad as well 3 links ads on your one page. If you try to show more than this then anytime your account will be going to be blocked/banned without any confirmation. Try this if you have good traffic on your blog and make more money from it. Feel free to comment below if you have any queries or want to share more than this.
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

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Google AdSense Best 10 Alternatives that Boosts Your Earning

Why we creating blog? Now some are going to say that they doing blogging for passion, while some says that they are doing blogging for make some decent money from their blog ok. Now when it comes towards to make money from your blog everyone can refer a Google AdSense programme for earning revenue from your blog. Ok It's 100% correct that we can make more money from monetizing Google Ads in your blog, but the problem is that everyone not getting a Google AdSense account approval so what about them? How they can earn money from their blog? So in this post I can share the best  10 alternatives of Google AdSense from which we can make money from our blog. But remember these alternatives are nothing in front of Google AdSense revenue programme, these alternatives for those who are not getting AdSense account for their blog niche as well as for those whose AdSense accounts are banned from Google for doing unusual activity with Google Ads. Let it be today we are going to discuss about best Google AdSense alternative programs, so be honest instead of Google AdSense there are lots of Ad network through them we can generate money from our blog. As I said Google AdSense is best earning program for all time but we can find some other advertising programs similar to Google AdSense that boosts your earning in 2015-2016 year.


Why you are choosing/selecting Google AdSense alternatives?

This cause by one of several reasons like we are not getting approval of AdSense account, your blog niche theme not supported by Google AdSense programme, your blog language won't support AdSense programme, Google Banning your AdSense account for doing unusual activity with their Ads.

Best Top Advertising programs that can be used as alternatives of Google AdSense

#1 Alternative For Google AdSense


This advertising program run by Yahoo and Bing Search Engines, it is the best alternative of Google AdSense program in terms of ad types because it provides contextual ad network. It offers customized ad units which will going to feet to your site look as well as best feet to mobile phone and tablet users. You can earn maximum revenue from their high paying ads. You can start generating money after their approval process. Minimum payout threshold is 50$ which will be transferred directly to your account after reaching it.

#2 Infolinks: Alternative For Google AdSense


Infolinks is quite different advertising program than other advertising programs because it doesn't take maximum space in your blog so you can place this ad types also with Google AdSense to make more money from your blog. They are specialises in showing links ads with use of your content also they are providing pop up ads to attract reader towards them. The minimum payout from them is 50$ if we transferred through PayPal and by other transfer threshold is 100$.

#3 Chitika: Alternative For Google AdSense


Mostly chitika is best for showing relevant ads in your blog content so maximum possibility to get more clicks from your blog readers on your ads. And it is Click per Cost (CPC) based advertising program so you can make more money by placing chitika ads on your blog.  They can provide editable ads like search targeted Ads, Local Ads as well as Mobile Ads, its PPC rates aren't good as google adsense but it can be used as adsense alternative. Minimum payout by paypal is 10$ and by cheque is 50$.

#4 Ayboll: Alternative For Google AdSense


If you are looking for native ads therefore Ayboll is the best advertising program. It is not as good as adsense but can be used as alternative of it. It will be easy to get started with Ayboll advertising program. It is giving high paying ads to earn more revenue from your blog. You can place these ads in sidebar to earn more revenue from it. Their minimum payout threshold is 100$ if you reached to it then payment is done via bank transfer.

#5 Viglink: Alternative For Google AdSense


It is an SEO friendly ad program run by viglink, if you are running a fashion, business and deals related blog then this is the best opportunity for you, viglink ad program is the one which creates your content into affiliate links which gives a chance to you to get more money from your blog. Suppose your article related to the Apple macbook then viglink creates apple macbook article into affiliate link of that product, if reader/visitor make purchase of that product then think, what will be the payout?

#6 Adversal: Alternative For Google AdSense


It is best advertising program with great click through rates (CTR), it supports many languages so mainly anybody can apply for it but you need minimum 50000 page views to get approval from them. It takes 3 to 4 days to get approval your site. Minimum payout threshold is 20$ and payout is done by Paypal at the end of the month.

#7 RevenueHits: Alternative For Google AdSense


Revenuehits are performance based ad network which help publisher to earn more revenue from them. Use your ads around whole week to get better result in revenue. It provides banner ads, Sliders, Pop-under button and more. The minimum payout threshold is 20$.

#8 Bidvertiser: Alternative For Google AdSense


Didn't get AdSense approved or Google banned your AdSense account for doing unusual activity with your ads, don't worry bidvertiser is the best alternative to Google AdSense, it is based on pay per click ad (PPC). It based on bidding system the highest bidder can be advertise on your blog. Initially the earning is low but after that you will start with bang. It offers text ads, Banner ads, Slider ads etc. Minimum payout threshold is 10$ and if you want cheque then 50$ is compulsory.

#9 Adengage: Alternative For Google AdSense


Adengage is also advertising program in which you can serve ads in your blog but In this case the publishers can sell direct ads. Many of advertising programs doesn’t allow adult content to monetise blog with ads, but here by using adengage you can monetise your adult content too. You will get approval of adengage ad account if you have a minimum of 1000 hits per day on your blog or web. The minimum payout is 50$ to get created.

#10 Skimlinks: Alternative For Google AdSense


It is similar to viglink it will convert your outbound links into affiliate links. If you have ecommerce blog then this is the best advertise program. Depending on your sales the payment will be going to done. You can choose as an AdSense alternative.

Final Verdict from Reviewer:
Above mentioned advertising programmes are used as alternative of Google AdSense programme. I selected them for you by reviewing them on internet. So select the advertising programme depend on their revenue status and minimum paying threshold. If you have questions on your mind then feel free to ask me by commenting below thank you, keep visiting.
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

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Ultimate Basic Guide On SEO For Beginners to Rank Higher

Hello bloggers, today we going to learn and going to discuss on one of the advance topic in blogger line and also it will be turning point of your blogging career. Yes it’s true as you are beginner in blogging line you have to understand each and every term involved in blogging inside. So in this article we going to discuss about SEO that is SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION which plays a key role in blogging in short without SEO your site is nothing. In short SEO means, “It is the strategy undertaken by the owner of the blog /website which aims to increases targeted keyword rankings on the first page of Search Engine”.

What is SEO?

It is the process of improving visibility of websites in organic search engine result pages (SERPs) by adding search engine friendly elements in your blog or web. Today I am going to discussing on SEO, If you understand the basics science SEO then it is very easy task to do, if not then it is toughest task ever, and as I said without SEO your web is nothing. As you are beginner, you going to feel SEO is difficult task to do but in actual it won’t. SEO is done by slowly it can't be done in overnight. It takes more time to optimize your blog/web by search engine. It can be done in two ways, On-Page SEO and Off-page SEO Strategy.


Basics of Search Engine Optimization:

So the basically Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be done by two ways to get better ranking in search engine first way is On Page SEO Strategy and Second way is Off Page SEO strategy.

On Page SEO Strategy:

On page SEO is done in your blog or web. For run this strategy you must have user friendly web/blog with easily navigation system. Remember the content is master piece of your blog so always make unique content with appropriate tags, keywords, use of relevant media and internal linking with other posts on your blog.
Some of contents included in this On Page SEO is,

Proper Keyword Research:

Keywords Research is the primary Stage in SEO, in this stage you have to find highly targeted keywords that is highly searched by people in your blog niche. You have to search these types of words and have to apply on your blog posts to optimize your blog post as well increase the quality of your blog post.

Best Title tag Optimization:

Do not use copied material from another web, and make it sure that your post title must be unique in order to give competition to other web, do not use same title which already posted. Make some decent changes in it and create a genuine title.  

Adding Meta Description:

Meta description is nothing but short summary of your post. You have to add Meta description to each and every post to optimize your blog correctly.

Use of Proper Permalinks/Post URL:

Permalinks is nothing but the URL of your post, it must be same as that of your post title to easily recognise by search engine. So concentrate on your permalink before publishing your post because once post is published it can't be change.


Use of Proper Headings tags according to your post content, Give H1 Tag to post titles as well main title, Show the subtitles by using H2 tags and so on use according to your need to easily navigate your content to users as well as search engine.

Use of Alt Tag:

We all are using relevant media to make our blog post beautiful. So must add alt attribute tag in post image for better image optimization.

Internal Links:

Keep internal linking with your blog post to avoid maximum bounce rate of traffic. Internal linking keeps more people engaging ratio in your blog.

Outer Links:

Outer links means you are going to referring others sites to your visitors through your blog. So make the correct combination of internal links as well as outer links. If your internal links are lower than outer links then your lots of traffic is going outside of your blog then the traffic bounce rate automatically increase.

Off Page SEO Strategies:

It can be done in outside of your blog, in this strategy you have to create links on different sites by using various ways, in short you have to leave foot prints of your blog on others blog or highly reputed or highly ranked websites. Some of contents which are included in Off Page SEO Strategy.

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is the platform where you have to write post on highly ranked blogs to promote your blog, if your written article is approved by them then you will get a quality backlink from them and it is useful for us. So make unique article and post as guest blogger.

Blog Commenting:

It is the easiest way to get proper backlinks from highly ranked websites. Just you have to write article relevant comment on their blog in order to your comment get published. If you are doing spam by commenting irregular or irrelevant comment text then your comment won't get published.

Social Bookmarking:

Bookmark your articles and blog to various high ranked social bookmarking sites to get ranked faster, in this case use proper keywords and description of your blog while submitting your site to social bookmarking sites.


Join different forums to get quality backlinks from them. Try to participate in their discussion to know you well as well as your blog.

Government & Education Site:

Participate and submit your articles to education sites to get more traffic as well as increase weightage of your blog by referring us by them.

Final Verdict from Reviewer:

How you can Improve SEO of your Blog?

Doing of SEO of your blog is done by step by step strategy and it won't be going to happen by overnight, I have spent some sleepless night over my blog to get it and learn properly. So some of key points to be remember while making proper SEO of your blog, also follow some basic steps before making your blog. Some of basic intergradient of SEO we have to follow while doing blogging they are as follow.
  • Choose SEO friendly responsive blogger template
  • Creating Unique post titles and use clear title tag
  • Optimization of Description of each post by adding Meta tag
  • Optimize URL of your post
  • Add sitemap of your blog
  • Write unique quality articles
  • Use and add proper attributes to images
  • Use proper headings in your article as requirements
  • Be careful using robot.txt
  • Promote your blog correctly
  • Create Inbound/internal links in your post
  • Submit your Sites to search engines
  • Start creating quality backlinks to relevant niche blog
  • Create fan pages on social media
  • Start Guest blogging
If I missed something or you want to share something related this article please feel free to comment and ask me you are most welcome.
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Monday, August 17, 2015

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Best Beginners Guide to Start Online Blogging in Blogger

Hello buddies, so you want to start blogging? That is cool idea but you don’t how to start it? Where to start it? Also you don’t know about where is the starting point of it? And where is the end point of it? Am I right? Like all questions are appearing in your mind. Instead of it you will getting lots of information about how to start blog on the web which is presently available but the main problem is that everyone is telling you to do different things hope am I right so you all getting confused in it. There are lots of blogging platforms available on the web still you hardly know which are they, someone is saying that word press someone blogger, tumblr and so on.. is the best platform for starting blogging. Whom to listen? OH.. its quiet difficult task but don't worry I will explain here in detail from start to end point of learning.  So you all here for learning something about blogging

So at first let me explain what does mean by learning? 

Learning concept contains Observation, Understanding, Implementation and good or bad experience. In blogging also these factors are most important. So before you starting your blog observe that what famous bloggers are doing right now? Where they started initially? After observation at least understand something from them that how they are working try to grab their strategies. Now it’s your turn implement what you understand by observing them. While implementing you will get some of good experience as well as bad experience that is what the actual learning procedure. 


So here I will guide you step by step way to start your blogging. So let’s come on point maximum bloggers are saying that choose wordpress self-hosted blogging platform as your blogging platform. Yes it’s true that wordpress good blogging platform and lots of bloggers are doing blogging on that platform. But before that just think on at first where they are worked (on which platform they worked) the answer is Blogger (BlogSpot). Blogger is a blogging platform which is created by Google and hosted on Google servers. Now day’s blogger has crossed 500 million active users on their platform. So why and what so many active users are doing their? So don’t think so much and choose blogger platform to start your blogging. It is free platform to blog and hosted on Google servers.

Setting up you for guaranteed success

Before starting please remember that becoming professional blogger is not easiest thing but not impossible thing also and it is not happen overnight but you will get lots of experiences while making your blog. This web is stored with lot of content to get you started on the right direction. However it takes some time but all you have to do is read and take action on it.

Topics which are going to be cleared in this beginner Guide of blogger:

There are 10 steps to get good idea and making your blog. If you follow this guide then less than hour you can able to create blog (only if you have some technical ability, if not then it will take some more time).
  1. Steps must be follow before making your blog
  2. Choose Preferred Blogging platform
  3. Start making a blog using Blogger
  4. Introduction of a blogger dashboard
  5. Set up custom Domain for your blog
  6. Write post on your new blog
  7. Add Images and Videos to Add deliciousness to your blog
  8. Customize the blog using Template and layout
  9. Promote your content post
  10. Monetize your Blog

Steps must be follow before making your blog:

Before making your blog you must have to understand what blogging is? How and where to start it. How we can manage all things in our blog. As you are in initial stage of blogging do not make mistakes by creating multi niche blog like all contents are located in one blog that means if your blog regarding sports and you are making content regarding technology and so on that is bad thing. You should try to work on one fixed topic in which you are perfect. So before making your blog you have full perfect plan regarding to your blog. In the sense in which topic you going to create your blog. How your content should be? For more information regarding this you should must read this article.

Choose Preferred Blogging platform:

So now days there lots of blogging platforms are available on web in which you can start blog. But as you are beginner in this area so my opinion is to start blog with blogger (BlogSpot) platform. Because it’s free to use, user friendly it is hosted on Google servers and over 500 million active users are presently using blogger. Some of famous brand like twitter is hosted on it. So make the different and choose your blogging platform. 

Start making a blog using Blogger:

As I said according to me blogger is the best platform to blog for beginners. So without wasting time in other things let’s start making blog using blogger (BlogSpot). To start blog using blogger you must go to if you have Gmail account then enter username and password same as your Gmail and press enter. Choose name as well as blog URL of blog that you will be going to create for detailed guide regarding this you must read this article.

Introduction of a blogger dashboard:

Blogger dashboard is the beginning stage of your blogging career, where you will going to manage all your blog data resources and more. In dashboard you can make new post, you can view your blogs, in mean time you can able to catch your favourite blogs and you can follow them. For more detailed introduction of your blogger dashboard please refer this article.


Set up custom Domain for your blog:

As you are free user in blogger platform your blog address should be should be look like this. But letter we can transfer it afterword’s by choosing a dynamic domain like .com, .in, .net, .org and more. By researching keywords on net. There are lots of benefits of choosing custom domain, by choosing it you will get pages crawl rate faster, compared to free domain ( Posts indexing rates are faster and appearance in search engine in faster. We will do it letter at first you start with free subdomain ( For detailed more information regarding this you can prefer this guide.

Write post on your new blog:

All things are set up then let’s start making posts to your blog, first sign in to your blogger account, click on your blog, Click on orange pencil to write new post on blogger, after clicking on it you will see post editor page where you have to write new post in your blog. 


Add Images and Videos to Add deliciousness to your blog:

You have to must have to add some images as well videos to your blog to make it beautiful and attractive. You can add it by simply clicking on images as well film icon on post editor of your blog post. Letter you can publish it and share it on Google + to know and reach towards maximum readers among the world. For details 

Customize the blog using Template and layout:

Your template and layout is the best way to customize your blog, in customization you can do changes in fonts template design, background image/colour and structure of your blog. For customization purpose you can get variety of templates in web as well you get default templates for your blog, simply select responsive one which suits your blog. Also you can select third party template for your blog to make your blog more beautiful. For more details regarding customizing blog you 

Promote your content post:

After creating your blog you must have to create tonnes of quality blog posts to attract visitors on your blog after creating that one you have to share these content on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, instagram and more when it will done your maximum of posts are going to with maximum of people so visitor count of your blog increases.

Monetize your Blog:

Hope your all things are going in right direction, so it’s time to monetize your content to make some decent money from your blog. Monetize of content is done by various ways but you must do with Google AdSense services to make more revenue from it. To enter in Google AdSense revenue making programme you must have gone through some approval stages. After getting approval from them you can start monetize your content and start making online money from your blog.

Final Verdict from Reviewer:
According to my opinion Above guide is the best for beginners to make online blog with blogger platform. This is not the end this is the basics of blogging after that you have to get knowledge about SEO, Backlinks strategies to get better Page Rank for you blog just keep in touch with me will come with all articles which are needed to make perfect online blog. If you have queries then feel free to ask me by commenting below post.
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Sunday, August 16, 2015

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How to Customize blogger blog using Template and Layout

Hey bloggers today I am going to tell you what is the procedure to design or customize your BlogSpot or blogger blog? By using your blogger template as well Layout. So basically when we create our new BlogSpot blog with blogger then it comes with default templates. As I said it comes with default then we have to make some changes in default templates (or also we can change the template) we have to change the template as we want according to our blog criteria. It depends on your creativity that how you can edit and manage things to look your blog more attractive to your blog readers. These basic changes can be made by customizing or changing your blogger template made some changes in layout section of your blogger dashboard. Also to customize your blog you also change your blog default template to third party template which are available in tonnes on the web. Now days you have to make your blog more responsive, user friendly so that anybody can easily navigate your blog. Don't make your blog more complicated. So here your blogger template plays an important role in customizing your blogger template. So in this article I am going to show you how customization can be done in blogger default template.


Basic ways of customizing your blogger blog

You can customize by using templates:

By using this option you can edit and add extra effects on look of your blog so here customization is eagerly needed. In third party templates lots of cases there is no need of template customization, because they are already customized by third parties in that cases little bit minor changes are needed.

Also customization can be done in Layout section:

Layout in a dashboard section also plays a key role in blogger blog. Layout is nothing but structure of your blog where you can plan where and how things are placed. In layout section we have to add Gadgets to add some extra features to our blog extra features in the sense contact form, Social media buttons, Google + Badge, Google ads, Viewers counter like lots of magical things we can add with the help of gadgets in the layout section.

Customize BlogSpot blog using Template:

So first go to blogger dashboard after that click on template as you clicked on it the following screen going to appear as shown in below image.


Now Click on customize orange colour Button as shown in above image.
Now you will see blogger template designer in half screen and in another half of screen you will get your live view of your blog as shown in below image.


As above image shows we are in blogger template designer where we can edit your default blogger template. To make and add extra features in your blogger template blogger has provided 5 main customization features through that we can edit and add extra features into it. And also we have Apply to blog button on top right side of the designer area as shown in above image.

So customizing blogger Default template by using 5 functions

Templates Customize:

By clicking on templates you will see below screen where you can change your blog template by clicking on simple, dynamic views, Picture Window and Awesome etc. these are the templates categories in which you can found more templates select and choose from them. Refer below image for your reference.


Backgrounds Customize:

By using this function you can edit and change the background image of your blog as well you can change theme colour of your blog as shown below in image.


Widths Customize:

From this function you can able to increase or decrease your template width resolution as you want, for reference refer below image.


Layout Customize:

By using this key function you can able to change the structure of your blog that means you can manage and arrange the body layout, sidebar, and column as well footer etc. Refer below image for your reference.


Advanced customization:

By using this advanced function you can make changes in your blog text colour, font size, Link colour in your blog posts as well in whole blog you can modify with your choice. For reference refer below image.


Customize BlogSpot blog using Layout section:

So first go in blogger dashboard then go to layout section by clicking on it. So in this case different blog have different layouts because layouts depends upon the template of that blog. Layout is the total structure of your blog, you can make it more beautiful by adding some more gadgets into it. For reference see below image.


How to add Gadgets in layout section:

By adding gadgets to your blog you going to make your blog more official and genuine.
So first go to dashboard and then click on Layout
Now Click on add a gadget
Now click on plus symbol as shown in below image


Click on save arrangement and take preview of it.

Final Verdict from Reviewer:
I think you enjoyed this post, I hope you have now better idea about customize BlogSpot blog by using template as well layout. In hurry if I missed something or somewhere I wrong then feel free to ask me or tell by commenting below this post, thank you keep visiting.
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Saturday, August 15, 2015

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How to Insert/Add Videos in Blogger Blog Post

Hey bloggers, hope you learn from my previous article that how to add an image in your blogger blog post, so today we all going to discuss about how to add videos in your BlogSpot blog post by various techniques. So basically why we are adding videos to our blog? The answer is to make our post entreating as well informative. If our content in our blog post is unique then by adding the videos beside your content make more beautiful your post and literally the chances of engaging maximum readers in your blog. So videos plays also a key role in determining your blog post more informative. So now let’s talk about how to add these videos in your blog.


Basically you can add videos in your blog post by using 5 ways:


You can directly upload your videos from your desktop/laptop/pc:

By using this function you can add video from your computer to your blog post directly. The video is first uploaded on YouTube then add it automatically in your post.

You can add YouTube videos to your blog post:

Search video which one you wanted to add select your favourite one and add it.

You can add videos from your YouTube channel:

You can add videos from your existing videos list which are already present in the uploaded list.

You can add it from your phone also:

Add videos from your smartphone also.

Final is capture video from your webcam and add it here:

You can live record your videos using your webcam and upload in your blog post.

Video Size Limit, Video Format and resolution of added video:

If you are going to add videos from your desktop then size is limited to 100MB per video and you can keep video resolution as you want. If you want to add video from YouTube then no size limit required. All video formats are supported which can be applicable from

So here I will explain you how to add videos by using first two ways.

#1 Directly upload your videos from your desktop to your blog post

First go to
Login with your Username and Password
Open your blog Click on new post
Now click on film icon to add videos in your blog post as shown in below image


Now pop box going to appear as below image


So now click on upload function
Click on Choose a video to upload
Then again new pop up box appears


You have to choose the video from your hard drive which one you want to upload.
Select it and click on open.
Now click on select function.
If everything is good then you will get following screen of uploading screen as shown in below image.


#2 Add video from YouTube in your blog post

By clicking on film icon you will get screen following screen


Click on from YouTube Videos
Now type the name of the video which is available on the YouTube
Now click on SEARCH icon
The variety of related videos are starts appearing
Select your one
And finally click on select function you’re done.
You can adjust size height as well width of video as your content adjust.

If you are not satisfied with the above method then another method called Embed code, by using this video adding method you can add videos from any sharing site like YouTube and all. Just you have to put embed code in your posts HTML area. We will discuss in details later on this topic.

Final Verdict from Reviewer:

Above explained methods of adding video by using your pc and by YouTube are easy to do. From them by using YouTube is the best way to add videos in your blog. Hope you understood everything. If you have any queries then feel free to ask me by commenting below, thanks and keep visiting.
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